The stories preceeding the tale of Claudius and Derlo, set in the fantasy world of Naradun.
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 Secondary gamemaster

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PostSubject: Secondary gamemaster   Secondary gamemaster Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 1:32 pm

Hail, fellow adventurers!

I just want to make an announcement here that I agreed with Morgan to become the secondary GM. First I'll be completing my speed course Naradun Lore and then I shall start helping Morgan GMing. As I'll be a "Secondary GM", I'll only start bossing you around at times when Morgan can't handle the entire session on his own. As much as he'd probably love to, he isn't one of the Prime Gods(And he didn't create them either. He really didn't), and he can't type at a speed faster than his already-tormented fingers allow him to!

So what will be different for you?
- Lainiel won't leave. She'll still be there to poke Thorbrand in the side. And once there's a need of a new character, that character will come as well. So I will just continue playing along with you as a player.
- Due to me being a secondary GM, we've got overall more freedom. Think of e.g. the group splitting up and going to travel into two different directions, then both I and Morgan can take a different group under our wing (Only to be exposed to horrofic monsters under them!)
- Morgan will live 5 years longer due to a fatal heart attack being avoided as we've shoo'ed off the stress.

That's it, me thinks. I'm looking forward to cast your characters in the Dark Pits of Hell one day! :O
-Jipp "Lainiel"
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PostSubject: Re: Secondary gamemaster   Secondary gamemaster Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 1:36 pm

You stink, and I will never allow you to become a GM. Ever. You're such a terrible player already that the mere thought of you rising to anything above a meager minion is unthinkab-... Wait, is that a picture of my cat taped to a chair? Why's there blood on your knife? WHY'S THERE BLOOD ON YOUR KNIFE, LAI-

Sanctioned by ever lovable GM Morgan. Lainiel is henceforth the secondary GM of Naradun, along with the responsibilities and freedoms included therein. :O
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Secondary gamemaster
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