The stories preceeding the tale of Claudius and Derlo, set in the fantasy world of Naradun.
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 General Information about Naradun

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PostSubject: General Information about Naradun   General Information about Naradun Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 7:24 am

So, what is the Naradun RPG? - The Naradun RPG is a chatroom based post-by-post RPG created by Morgan and myself, both for the entertainment of the players and to create background lore for Morgan's epic fantasy novel, which has yet to be given a name.

What is "Naradun" then? - Naradun is the name of the world in which all this is happening. Very similar to planet earth, but inhabited by monsters, dragons, elves, gremlins and walking boogers.

You keep mentioning "Rindor". It's even in the bloody title! What's with that? - Rindor was the first country created for the world of Naradun. Hence, it's the only country so far with its own detailed lore, planned out cities and so on. Don't worry though, he's got info about every other country in his head, so if you find that you want to know more about anything, ask in the "LORE Q&A" thread in the "Lore" section.

So how does this thing work then? We just meet up in mIRC and RP whatever we like? - Kind of, yes. You create a character (or several characters, we accept more than one character per person), notify me or Morgan that you want to play, and we'll tell you when the next session is so that you can RP with us. If you've played Dungeons and Dragons you'll find that it's not very different, only not as bound by set rules and such.

The GM (Morgan in most cases), will be the "Storyteller", controlling all the characters except players and their characters, so he'll be the regular townspeople, guards, enemies, "quest givers" and so on. The players do whatever they like, as long as it's not against the laws of physics or out of character.

Most of the time the RPs start out with a certain player on a certain quest, or maybe a village under constant attack, which happens to be the village some if not most players are living in, or maybe rumors would have it a great treasure is located deep within some cave and the players are drawn there by the treasure. You get the picture.

The players will of course, choose themselves what they want to do in the RPG. If the rest of the players choose to explore the dangerous dungeon and your character would rather go to the nearest town and set it aflame, go ahead!
We're not putting any limits on how you want to RP your character, as it's your character, and it has its own free will.

Coolio. So who can join? - Anyone can join as long as their intention is to RP and have a good time. We're very open to new players, as we need quite the amount to create the foundation of an entire world here. :O

HOWEVER! We don't want any extraordinarily rude people who barge in just to ruin it for the others. Neither do we want people who have no attachments to their characters at all and only try to progress through the game and become über. Of course your character could be a power-hungry person who only desires to become stronger, but if you're for instance a paladin, and lie, cheat and butcher innocents in order to achieve your goals, you're not very in character!

I'm a hardcore roleplayer, and I like to really develop my character, give him/her feelings and a real personality. This could lead to me slowing down the plot though, because I'll be conversing a lot, evolving my character and doing what he/she wants to do rather than what the player wants. Is that going to be a problem?
- Heavens, no! If there's anything more important than finding the lost treasure of Xutt-mon-guttenfust it's the ROLEPLAY O.O

We love to evolve our characters, we love to get deeply emerged, we want our characters to grow, have personalities and likes/dislikes of their own. No character in this game should be a damn robot. We want emotion, feeling, living characters. If it postpones killing a dragon, so what? Your character is a person (er, in most cases anyway), not just a character.

I'm rather the opposite of the above. I don't like roleplay, but I like it when my character becomes big strong and powerful, and able to beat all the other players. Is that a problem? - No, that's not ok. This is a ROLE PLAYING GAME. We don't want people who can't appreciate roleplay, and trust me, you don't want us. We're going to roleplay -a lot-, and you'd get bored by it. Sorry, but you'll have to find another game than Naradun if you don't want roleplay. : /

So how do I join an RP?
There's a list on the "The RP" section where you can sign up for RPs. We'll be posting up different RPs (only one at a time for now), and schedule sessions once- twice, maybe three times a week. If the time's bad for you, don't worry, as we're mostly a very flexible lot and can easily change the time to suit you in most cases. If you really want to join, but miss a session, we can also implement you in the next session if you want, as we don't like leaving people wanting. Smile

Ok, you've convinced me. How do I apply to the Naradun RPG? - You register at the forum, then you write a short application about yourself on the "Applications" forum. No need to write everything in the world about yourself, just a few phrases about you, your style of roleplay and maybe one or more characters you want to use. Of course, we like reading about our members, so if you feel like writing a zillion pages, go right ahead. Smile

Oh wait. WAIT WAIT WAIT! I nearly forgot! Which races/classes can I play?! - In short, just about anything. Naradun has a few core-races, which you can read about in the lore section, but those are not nearly all the creatures in existence, trust me. Thanks to the chaotic energies that roamed Naradun (Read "History of the multiverse"), many, many strange creatures have appeared throughout the world throughout history. If you want to be an ogre-ocotpus-lobster, you're very welcome to be one. Do note that we won't accept stuff like... "I'm a dragon-god-vampire-half unicorn with lazor-eyes! PEW PEWWW!" We do have -some- limits. o.o

As for classes, there are classes, yes, but we've yet to finish them. You don't have to pick a class at all though, as we find it more than a little lame that if you're a warrior, you can't use a knife, for instance. There will be a list of classes coming up in the future, but those are not a must, just that you can pick one if you like them. Do note that rules still apply to for instance priests, druids, mages, sorcerers etc. Contact us for more info, as if you're going to be a spellcaster you'll need information we have yet to post up.

I guess that's about it for the general info for now. Please do contact Morgan or myself if you need any further information! We look forward to seeing you in the RPG Smile
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General Information about Naradun
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